On Line Exhibits:

Ake Holme’s Tube Page – All kinds of tubes. CRTs & Magic Eyes, in particular. (was:

Dieter’s Nixies & Dekatrons – Great photos & data for these tubes

Vintage Technology Association – Nixies, Dekatrons, and circuit modules and assemblies that used those technologies

Virtual Valve Museum – Display of wide variety of tube types. Some pinouts & specs too.

National Valve Museum – Electron tube exhibits and development timeline

West Dave’s Clocks – Scads of nixie clocks all made by my buddy Dave.

Projects & More In-Depth Coverage:

Mike’s Electric Stuff – Cold cathode tubes & Nixie Clock Project !

BadNixie – Project Links, Including Jeff Thomas’s old page.

World Power Systems – Dekatrons – Tom Jenning’s site on nixies & dekatrons. (Decommissioned)

Ronald Dekker’s Electronics Page – Our man inside Philips, in the Netherlands. Many topics including the history of the E1T counter tube, and his ‘Alice-in-Wonderland’ adventures with neon ring counters.

JB Electronics – Jens Boos’  electronics page. – Bit twiddling from your computer via the USB port.

Nothing But Magic Eye Tubes – Everything you want to know about eyetubes.

Tube Clock Database – Brian Stuckey’s Nixie Clocks Gallery & New home of Zetalink.Biz (Decommissioned).

All Tube Nixie Clocks:

Jim Forbes’ Neon Stack clock (BTW: he’s David Forbes twin)

Cory Heisterkamp’s Nixie Clock – Tube Flip-flops w/ Cds decoder .

Grahame Marsh’s Trigger Tube Clock – Cold-cathode ring counters.

Pieter-Tjerk de Boer’s Neon Bulb Clock – Neon bulb ring counters.

Friedhelm Bruegmann’s All Tube Clock – Tube decoders too.

dercebe – Youtube: various nixie clocks, including an all tuber, & more !

Cold War Clock – Nixie / Dekatron Combo. “Old School” schematics !

Tube References:

A.J.’s Cross Reference Page – Cross Reference for nixies & dekatrons. Basing info, too. (was:

Randall Logan’s Patent Docs – Patent archive for old display technology, including nixies & dekatrons – Pete Millet’s Online Technical Book Depository

Don’s Bulbs – Catalogs & datasheets for old lighting products

The Edison Tech Center – Articles on lighting technologies, and more.

Frank’s Electron Tube Page – Datasheet depository for vacuum tubes

NJ7P Vacuum Tube Data – Online tube data, in quick HTML format.

Natural Philosophy:

The Reasonable Ineffectiveness of Mathematics – Derek Abbott’s counter to mathematical Platonism.

Antique Electronics Suppliers:

Antique Electronic Supply – Vast tube inventory. Good prices. Sockets too.

Triode Electronics, Inc – Primarily audiophile audio tubes & transformers. Decent sockets source too.

Fair Radio Sales – Transformers & sockets, plus a lot of oddball stuff.

Dr Roy’s – Radio Tube Supply – Tubes Only. Look for specials on eBay

Radio Daze, LLC – Tubes & Sockets

Play Things of the Past – A lot of one-off used parts. At rock bottom prices.

Edcor – Maker of Power & Output Transformers – Made-to-order Direct Sales

Specialty Tubes:

Ask Jan First – From Germany, Wide tube selection, lots of nixies

Sphere Research – From Canada, Nixies, Dekatrons, & CRTs

All Spectrum – When you need an odd size or color neons. Tools & parts too.

Cogwheel Circuit Works – Nixie Clocks for Sale

The Russians are Here:

Tube Hobby – Nixies & other Cold Cathode tubes

Siberian Shop – Large selection of tubes. Not just nixies

Tube Store – Mostly Russian audio tubes

Science & Technology:

American Science & Surplus – Classic Science Supplier

Educational Innovations – Liquid Crystal, Phosphorescence

Micro-Mark – Small Tool for Toy Trains. Tiny Hardware, too.

W. M. Berg – Mechanical Component Supplier

Edmund Scientific  – Educational Science Group. Not main optical site, of same company.

Information Unlimited – Plans, Books, & other info. Mostly Laser Oriented.

The Science Company – Chemical Supplier. Reagent Ethynol & Acetone

McMaster-Carr – Hardware Store to the World

Plastic Suppliers:

Delvies Plastics – Transparent Colored Acrylic. Caters to small users.

Semi-reflective Acrylic (Two-way) – Semi-reflective Acrylic Supplier. Bargain scrap bin. (Decommissioned).

Reflective Products – Two-way acrylic Supplier (Decommissioned).

Professional Plastics – Acrylic Mirrors (NOT 2-way)

Jurgen Industries – Glass Stain – Special transparent paint for glass or acrylic. This is their retail site for small volumes. They have another site for bulk buys.

U.S. Composites – Polyester & epoxy resins by the pint, quart, and gallon.

Electronic Suppliers – Stocking Distributors:

Allied Electronics – Geared now mostly for industrial control.

Digi-key – Carry most semiconductor makers. Panasonic Capacitors.

Mouser – King of passive components. Semi stock improving.

Newark – Good inventory on most modern electronics.

Hobby Electronics Suppliers:

Jameco – Straddling the line between distributor & hobby store.

All Electronics – Good for motors, batteries, wallcube transformers. (Los Angeles)

Alltronics – Amidon Ferrites, Wallcubes, and general hobby stuff. (San Jose)

BGMicro – Decent stock and prices. NO transformers.

Circuit Specialist – Components, power supplies, & assemblies (Mesa, Az)

DIPMicro – Canadian Supplier. Low prices on connectors, caps, & xstrs.

Electronic Goldmine – Look for odd stuff specials.

Futurlec – Overseas Supplier, Great Prices. Long Delivery Wait.

Minuteman Electronics – Stock transformers & Fish paper.

Marlin P Jones – Power supplies & transformers.

Sparkfun – Arduino & hobby robotics.

Mbed – Arduino-like ARM modules for the big boys !


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