Data Sheets


Cold Cathode



B9012 – Burroughs True Pixie Indicator (202K)

ZM1000 – Philips (et al) Standard Nixie Indicator (272K)

ZM1030 – Philips Bi-Quinary Nixie Indicator (284K)

ZM1050 – Philips Pseudo Pixie Indicator (186K)


DK23 – Okaya Rodan 3-Guide “Single Pulse” Dekatron (137K)

G10/241E – Single Guide Nomotron (224K)

Z504S – Philips (Amperex/Mullard/Valvo) 2-Guide Miniature Dekatron (268K)

6167  – Western Electric 1-Guide, Unidirectional Dekatron (93K)

7978  – Raytheon 2-Guide Standard Speed Dekatron (85K)

8353  – Sylvania 2-Guide Standard Speed Miniature Dekatron (374K)

Sylvania – Dekatron Brochure (6476, 6802, 6879, 6909, 6910, & 7155) (787K)

Sylvania – Dekatron Application Manual (14.3M)

931A -RCA 400nm Photomultiplier Tube (426K)

1P21 – RCA 400nm Photomultiplier Tube (208K)

Hot Cathode

Ballast – Amperite Current Regulator Tubes (862K)

Delay   – Amperite Thermal Delay Relays (NO, NC) (418K)

Nimo – IEE Nimo CRT Display Catalog 808 (3.9MB)

K2-XA – Philbrick Tube Op-Amp Module (831KB)

7586 – Nuvistor, Medium Mu Triode (6.3V 135mA) (772K)

8393 – Nuvistor, Medium Mu Triode (13.5V, 60mA) (642K)

5663 – Miniature Thyratron (6.3V 150mA) (16K)

GL546 – GE Miniature Thyratron (6.3V 150mA) (496K)

3LO1I – Russian 33mm (1.3″) Round CRT, Electrostatic Deflection/Focus (120K)

2BP1 – RCA 2″ Round CRT, Electrostatic Deflection/Focus (401K)

8LO29I – Russian 70mm (2.8″) Round CRT, Electrostatic Deflection/Focus (70K)

3BP1A – RCA 3″ Round CRT, Electrostatic Deflection/Focus (221K)

3RP1 – RCA 3″ Round CRT, Electrostatic Deflection/Focus (271K)

5UP1 – RCA 5″ Round CRT, Electrostatic Deflection/Focus (288K)

VT Mil – US Military “VT” Cross Reference (228K)

List – of Remote and Semi-Remote Cutoff Pentodes, Pentode/diodes & Pentode/triodes. (1.5MB)

Tube Registration Dates – Jacob Roschy’s tabulation of tube’s registration dates.


816 – RCA Mercury Rectifier (116K)

866 – Raytheon Mercury Rectifier (183K)


Tabulated thyratron specification table (PDF 182K)



8T01 – Signetics Nixie Tube Decoder / Driver (323K)

74141 – TI Nixie Tube Decoder / Driver (131K)

MC34063 – On (Motorola) Switch Mode Supply IC (141K)

UC3843 – TI (Unitrode) Switch Mode Supply IC (531K)

SN75468 – TI Darlington Driver 100V (448K)

ULN2003 – Allegro (Sprague) Darlington Driver 50V (177K)

DM8880 – National Semiconductor 7-Segment Panaplex Decoder / Driver (204K)

MPSA29 – On (Motorola) 100V NPN Darlington (TO-92) (144K)

MPSA42 – On (Motorola) 300V NPN Transistor (TO-92) (59K)

MPSA92 – On (Motorola) 300V PNP Transistor (TO-92) (59K)

RCA9203 – GE/Harris continuation of the RCA TA9203 A & B. 250V 4A Darlington (TO-220) (776K)

2SA1381 – Also Fairchild KSA1381 300V 7W PNP Transistor (TO-126) (122K)

2SC3503 – Also Fairchild KSC3503 300V 7W NPN Transistor (TO-126) (117K)

MJE340 – Motorola 300V 500mA 20W NPN Transistor (TO-126) (38K)

MACH210 Clock – LED digital clock design using a then AMD MACH210 CPLD (906KB)

I-0055 – Otari SMPTE Time Code Datasheet (3.6MB)

LT1088 – Linear Tech True RMS Thermal Conversion IC (14-DIP) (749KB)


Common Jelly-Bean Parts

1N4148 – aka 1N914. General purpose small signal silicon diode

1N4007 – General purpose 1000PRV, 1A rectifier



BIP8211  – Burroughs Bipco Nixie Socket / Driver Module (Schematic) (387K)

BIP8804 – Burroughs Bipco Nixie Socket / Driver Module (388K)

BIP8806 – Burroughs Bipco Nixie Socket / Driver Module (386K)

Bipco – Mounting Dimensions (168K)

Smart Socket – Alpha Numeric Nixie Socket / Driver Module (345K)

SelfScan – Burroughs SSD1000A0030 Plasma Dot Matrix Display (9.8M)

Passives (Resistors, Capacitors & Coils)

EP050-Y103N – Taiyo Yuden 0.01uf 16V 30% MLCC Axial Capacitor (66K)

Taiyo Yuden – MLCC Capacitor Catalog (953K)

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