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Not necessarily my views, but most of it is pretty funny.

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity – BBC documentary of the history of electricity

ElectroBOOM – The Mediocre Man’s channel, on how to NOT work on electronics

Night of the living Jeb (prt 1) – Tyler Gibb’s Bumblestick episode

Tyler Gibb’s – Animated works

Cinema Sins – Channel pokes fun at your favorite movies

College Humor – If Google was a Guy

Cracked: After Hours – Odd conversations in a Los Feliz diner.

Great White North – This is NOT fake news (well maybe) from Cannuckistan !

Trunk Monkey: TheftSuburban Auto Group. First Commercial

Trunk Monkey: Kids ! – Keep the hoodlums in line.

Trunk Monkey: UFO – Better than OnStar !

Trunk Monkey: Recall – Have a defective trunk monkey ?

Trunk Monkey: Bribe – No system is perfect

Gears – That really work !

Vsauce – Screws with your head !

Smarter Every Day – Down to earth explanations of tech and science.

Stefan Molyneux – Climate Change to prop up Big Government

Stefan Molyneux – Climate Skeptics case

Thunderf00t – Plastic from the Air. Trees do, but it takes energy. Accounting needed.

Cool Hard Logic – Flattards to Snake Oil Homiopaths

Wi-Phi – Wireless Philosophy, Basic philosophical mechanics.

Ancient Aliens Debunked – MUFON just wants to sell crap !

Zeitgeist – New Age poo

Coral Castle – Edward Leedskalni’s mysterious sculpture garden in Homestead, FL


Probable Aliens – What real space aliens would really look like.

The Great War – History Channel on World War I (Say One, NOT eye ! kiddies)

Alternate History – “What if” historical events went differently channel

Bitcoin Problems – Computerphile: Real problems with Bitcoin, as a currency.

Deadly AI – Computerphile: Unintended consequences with Artificial Intelligence.

AI Safety – Computerphile: Difficulty of making AI safe.

OOP Bad – Brian Will’s opinion that Object Oriented Programming is bad !

Map of Physics – Great overview of the current state of physics

Feigenbaum Constant – Numberphile. Chaos theory (4.669).


ElectroBOOM – The Mediocre Man

Ancient Aliens Debunked – Cable Channel Crap !

Tyler Gibb’s  – Boneland

Clayton Boyer – Wooden Clocks, and amazing odd gears !

Wattsupwiththat – Solar power & climate change forum.

Provide Your Own – At first, you think survivalist nutjobs, but they are realist in trying to take back some control of your lives, just a baby step at a time.

When I was 13 or 14 years old, I came up with my “million dollar” idea. It was a power supply that was the shape and function of a 9V battery, but plugged into the AC line.  At the TRW swapmeet, on January 30, 2016, I ran into this gadget being sold by one of the vendors:


Clearly it never caught on. This is a used item, and probably was made long before wallcubes really caught on.

Original Tommy’s Hamburger Locations:

For some reason its a royal pain to find genuine Tommy burger locations, and parse out the bogus wannabees ! The original company’s website seems to be under permanent maintenance, so I had to parse it out the hard way. Below is a list of the 30 REAL locations, in southern California:

(click on image below, to pull up GOOD list – as of Summer of 2018):


Included are 4 closed locations, at the bottom. a couple of those old locations are only blocks from current locations, so those can be considered “moved”.



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