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Often people ask about things that I don’t sell, but where to find them, and what specific item will do the job. Here are links that go to particular items, at the vendors site. I have no ties with these vendors, other than being a customer, of them, myself.

Wall Cube Power Supplies

A word on Amps: as ampere, and Milliamp ratings of power supplies. If a supply is rated for 2 amps [A] (same as 2000 milliamps [mA] – 1000 milli amps to an amp – add 3 zeros – see math isn’t hard), then that 2 amps is the maximum current that supply can reliably deliver. It doesn’t mean it WILL deliver that amount of current. If a product is rated for 12VDC needing 350mA, ANY 12VDC supply that can deliver at least 350mA will work. A 12VDC 500mA, 12VDC 2A (2000mA), or 12V 300A (300,000mA) will work just fine. None will deliver more than 350mA to that product, even though they are all capable of delivering more. Your car battery is capable of delivering hundreds of amps, yet you can safely stick your fingers across the two terminals and not get shocked. That’s because you have a high body resistance, and at 12V (electrical pressure) the human body will draw less than 100uA (1/10th of a mA), which you won’t even feel. Drop a wrench across those terminals, on the other hand, and you’ve just bought a new wrench, and possibly a new battery, too. That’s because a wrench has very little resistance, and will pass all the current that battery is able to deliver.


Most of my kits require an external power supply, that plugs into a 2.1mm ID (x 5.5mm OD) coaxial power jack. These supplies are often referred to as “adapter”, “wall cube”, “wall wart”, or “wall mount”, as they plug into, and are located right at the AC wall outlet. I do NOT stock any of these, nor sell them directly. My kits usually work on either 9VAC, or 12VDC, or can work with either. They either have 2.1mm ID or 2.5mm ID plugs. The 2.5mm plug fits the 2.1mm jack most of the time. Here is a list (with links) of these supplies:

9VAC –  with 2.1mm or 2.5mm Plug:

Jameco 100061  – 9VAC 500mA 2.1mm ID (fits Spinner & DoHickie)

Jameco 102234 – 9VAC 1.0A 2.1mm ID  (for LED Color Organ  & Nixie Clock, running small tubes)

Jameco 112336 – 9VAC 1.5A 2.5mm ID (for Nixie Clock, running large tubes)

12VDC – Unregulated, Center Positive:

Jameco 100095 – 12VDC 200mA 2.1mm ID (for Spinner & DoHickie)

Jameco 2228893 –  12VDC 0.5A 2.1mm ID (for Spinner, DoHickie, & LED Color Organ)

Jameco 117479 – 12VDC 0.8A 2.1mm ID (for LED Color Organ)

Jameco 100870 – 12VDC 1.0A 2.1mm ID (for LED Color Organ)

Jameco 2218003 – 12VDC 2.0A 2.1mm ID (for Nixie Clock & LED Color Organ)

12VDC – Regulated Switching Supplies, Center Positive [Warning: High RFI]:

Jameco 2151101 – 12VDC 0.5A 2.1mm ID (Spinner & DoHickie)

All Electronics PS-121 – 12VDC 1.0A 2.1mm ID (for LED Color Organ)

All Electronics PS-1227 – 12VDC 2.0A 2.1mm ID (for Nixie Clock & LED Color Organ)

Jameco 380156 – 12VDC 2.0A 2.1mm ID (for Nixie Clock & LED Color Organ)

Jameco 2173116 – 12VDC 3.0A 2.1mm ID (for LED Color Organ)

Switches – (Plain old mechanical switches)

All Electronics SSW-77– DPDT Mini Slide Switch, 2mm [M2] tapped screw holes (for Nixie Clock) [Discontinued Item]


Dimensions in mm.

Jameco 2184384 – SPDT Mini Slide Switch, #2 clearance holes, no thread.


Sources for Elusive Soviet Tube Sockets:

A-101, A-102,  & A-103 Dekatrons have a odd base, which plug into an hard to find socket. The official part number for this socket is: ПЛ30-2п . This translate to PL30-2p, in Latin characters. Here are two Russian sellers than stock them:

uralspirit (Radio-Spare) – Link to his eBay store, under sockets.

gstube.com – Online Russian tube store.

Here is some mounting data for the ПЛ30-2п (PL30-2p) socket (Click on drawing to enlarge):


A photo showing relative size, and the 4 ways the mounting clip can be mounted:

(Click on photo to enlarge)



Ideal 45-101 V-Notch Wire Strippers. These are basic no nonsense strippers, but have a simple (but elegant) cam for selecting wire gauge size.



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